Rome Restaurants, Rome Cafes, Rome Pizza restaurants:

There is plenty of choice when it comes to restaurants in Rome. From cheap trattoria to smart exclusive restaurants with amazing atmosphere. Many restaurants around the tourist hotspots are overpriced and there is not much attention to the quality of the food served, which is usually the case for every popular tourist destination and not just Rome. Wondering around the streets of Rome to discover a hidden gem can be verry exciting or if you are not an adventurous type simply finding a recommended restaurant guide is probably a smart thing to do.

Some of the recommended streets where you'll find plenty of decent restaurants are Via di Tor Millina, off Piazza Navon, along Via del Governo Vecchio, on Campo dei' Fiori and Trastevere. Finding a place to eat in Rome is never far away and there is plenty of choice of not only local Italian restaurants but an international cuisine restaurants as well.

Below is a list of recommended Rome Cafés, Pizza restaurants, Italian restaurants, Roman Restaurans and a British tea room:

Rome Cafés:

Caffé Fandango
Address: Piazza di Pietra 32/33, Rome 00186

Address: Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina 29, Rome 00186

Gelateria Giolitti
Address: Via Uffici del Vicario 40, Rome 00186

Address: Vicolo delle Vacche 9/A, Rome 00186

Tazza d'Oro
Address: Via degli Orfani 84, Rome 00186

Pizza restaurants in Rome:

Est! Est! Est! dei Fratelli Ricci
Address: Via Genova 32, Rome 00184

Da Vittorio
Address: Via di San Cosimato 14/a, Rome

Dar Poeta
Address: Vicolo del Bologna 45, Rome 00153

Popi Popi
Address: Via delle Fratte di Trastevere 45, Rome

Address: Piazza Santa Maria Liberatrice 44, Rome

Italian restaurants in Rome:

Dal Bolognese
Address: Piazza del Popolo 1/2, Rome 00186

Il Bacaro
Address: Via degli Spagnoli 27, near Piazza delle Coppelle, Rome 00186

La Pergola
Address: Via A. Cadlolo 101, Cavalieri Hilton, Rome 00136

Address: Piazza Santa Maria 13, Rome 00153

Grappolo D'Oro Zampanò
Address: Piazza della Cancelleria 80/84, Rome 00186

Fine Dining Roman restaurants in Rome:

Agata e Romeo
Address: Via Carlo Alberto 45, off Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome 00185

Al 34
Address: Via Mario de' Fiori 34, Rome 00187

Antica Hostaria l'Archeologia
Address: Via Appia Antica 139, Rome 00178

Checchino dal 1887
Address: Via di Monte Testaccio 30, Rome 00152

Il Matriciano
Address: Via dei Gracchi 55, Rome 00192

British tea room in Rome:

Babington's Tea Rooms
Address: Piazza di Spagna 23, Rome 00187

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